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Hostile Takeover
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A Neopets-Based Yuugiou Chatgroup


Hello, and welcome to Hostile Takeover, a Yuugiou-themed chatgroup, founded by Kaiba, Bakura and Ryou on September 20th, 2008. The core activities of this group take place on neopets.com; our livejournal community is mostly for organizational purposes.

We got the name Hostile Takeover, (or HITO for short) from KaibaCorp's Yu-Gi-Oh wikia:

"Kaiba Corp was originally a military arms dealer owned by Gozaburo Kaiba, until it was drastically changed by Seto Kaiba after his hostile takeover."

WARNING: This community contains adult concepts not appropriate for children under 14 years of age. These may include mentions of controversial topics such as, but not limited to: homosexuality, bisexuality, rape, incest, etc. Please view at your own risk!


1. You must be literate, mature, and respectful.

2. You must be fairly active.

3. You must make a separate "character-specific" neopets account to use on our boards at neopets.com.

4. You must stay in character, using "ooc:" or parentheses in a post to indicate that you are saying something out of character.

5. Made-up characters, monsters, and characters from Yuugiou R, GX, and 5D's are not allowed.


If you are more neopets-friendly (compared to livejournal), please follow the directions listed on our official webpage.

Livejournal Instructions

Step One: Leave a comment on this entry with the following information...

i. Your name/internet alias
ii. Which character you would like to be
iii. Which version of Yuugiou you have seen (ex. manga, sub, dub, etc.)
iv. How active you are (on a weekly basis)
v. If you like boys love or not
vi. Secondary contact information: preferably an MSN or AIM
vii. If you are familiar with neopets or not

Step Two: Soon after, a community mod will reply to your comment, possibly asking you a few questions, or for you to give a sample of your chatplaying ability (this usually entails a first person POV "journal entry" paragraph). If everything checks out, you will most likely be accepted. If a mod does not reply to your post within one week, feel free to bother defray (Ryo) about it.

Step Three: Once you are accepted, you may make an account on neopets.com. Please see the FAQ for more detailed instructions.


Q: What does your group actually do?

A: We chatplay. Chatplaying is significantly different than roleplaying: what most people might be accustomed to. Instead of typing long descriptive paragraphs like during roleplaying, for chatplaying you just type as if you're having a normal conversation using script format first person point of view (see example) There is no formal plot, and (almost) no restrictions with where you want the story to go. It's totally laid back, and a lot of fun once you get used to it. If you do not like this type of roleplay, please stay away from our group, as we are not going to change it to a paragraph-style anytime soon.

Q: So neopets, huh? Isn't that a little kids' site?

A: Well, technically it was originally made for college kids. But that's not the point. We realize that neopets is a strange place to host a group such as this; but we like to stick to our origins. Sometimes the neoboards can be a little less-than-accommodating with all of the spam and 5-year-olds running around. We try to ignore them and just stick to our own boards. TNT (The Neopets Team) can also be quite obnoxious when they decide to suspend or freeze your account. But part of what makes neopets fun is a combination of things: being able to make a creative userlookup and signature, interacting with other chatplay groups, and feeling like you're part of a larger community that exists outside of your small group.

Q: How often is "fairly active"?

A: We would like our members to be as active as possible, but we completely understand that real life gets in the way sometimes. If you predict a prolonged absence for some reason or another, please let us know beforehand, if possible. But say, if we do not hear from you in months, you can assume that your position has become open for replacement.

Q: What do you mean by "character-specific" account?

A: We require that you make an account on neopets.com to chatplay with. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT, though it is a simple and easy process. All you have to do is go to the neopets.com homepage, click on "Login to Neopets!" in the top right-hand corner, and then click the purple button that says "Need an Account? SIGN UP NOW!" From there, fill out the information required. Make sure you put in a working email, and your real birth date. Also, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A "NEOPET" (we prefer not to for aesthetic purposes). By "character-specific" we simply mean that your account name must have something to do with your character. Do not use underscores or numbers in your username, and make it no longer than 12 characters. For example, "dicegames" would be an appropriate account name for Otogi Ryuuji, and "sennenpuzzle" for Yami no Yuugi, etc. If you need help thinking of a creative username, don't hesitate to ask us!

Q: How strict are you about being in-character?

A: Considerably strict, but not overwhelmingly so. We'll allow you a little leeway when interpreting a canon character into your own style. Sometimes we may make our characters' personalities influenced by the ever-popular Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, but please note that we do not desire exact replicas of LittleKuriboh's character personalities, nor OOC versions of the characters.

Q: Why don't you allow characters from Yuugiou R/GX/5D's?

A: When the chatgroup was founded, we made an executive decision not to include characters from the other series for simplicity's sake. Some members may not have read the Yuugiou R spinoff manga, or watched GX or 5D's. Besides, there are a myriad of characters to select from Yuugiou: Duel Monsters. There isn't any reason why we need have an overabundance of characters.

Q: Why don't you allow made-up characters/monsters?

A: The same reasons for the previous question apply here as well. Sometimes made-up (or "original") characters tend to run into the Mary Sue/Gary Stu realm. Most duel monsters have no distinct personalities, and can easily turn into sues/stus as well.

Q: Can I play more than one character? Can I switch characters?

A: If you have been in the chatgroup for a significant amount of time already, and wish to play a second character or switch to a different character instead, please contact defray (Ryo) to discuss this matter.



Kaiba Seto
Played by: Ryo
Status: active

Yami no Bakura
Played by: Lindsey
Status: active

Malik Ishtar
Played by: Shirley
Status: active

High Priest Seto
Played by: Seto-mun
Status: active

Touzoku-ou Bakura
Played by: Tou-mun
Status: active

Bakura Ryou
Played by: Noah
Status: active

Yami no Yuugi
Played by: Shadow
Status: active

Kaiba Mokuba
Played by: Mokuba-mun
Status: inactive

Mutou Yuugi
Played by: Skye
Status: inactive

Kujaku Mai
Played by: Mai-mun
Status: inactive

Kawai Shizuka
Played by: Abby
Status: inactive


* Status indicates activity. If a character is listed as active it means we have recently seen/heard from them or can easily contact them. If listed as inactive, it means we have not seen/heard from them for a long time, or cannot easily contact them. If listed as inactive, they are up potentially up for replacement by a new applicant.

On Hold

Mazaki Anzu
Otogi Ryuuji


Jounouchi Katsuya
Honda Hiroto
Nosaka Miho
Mutou Sugoroku
Pegasus J. Crawford
Yami no Malik
Ishizu Ishtar
Rishid Ishtar
Kaiba Noa

If there is another character (not listed) which you would like to be, please inquire.


Disclaimer: Yuugiou: Duel Monsters nor any of the characters mentioned belong to us; they are the properties of Kazuki Takahashi.
Last updated: 12/2/09